What can Aloe Vera be used for?

By now, we all know that Aloe Vera is good for us, it usually being the first thing we reach for when we’re burned from the sun. With it’s ability to soothe our skin in minutes and making us feel marginally better about being in the sun for too long without reapplying sun cream. Though few probably know just how good it is for us or how many benefits and uses it really has.

What can Aloe Vera be used for?

You may be surprised at just how many different uses the plant actually has and that you can use Aloe Vera for your health. It makes a lot of sense to look into a plant that can have many benefits and uses and save you from buying multiple products.
Did you know that Aloe can actually be ingested and have medicinal uses? Not a potential use you might have suspected most likely.
Now please don’t go out and buy a bottle of Aloe Vera gel to eat – the ones readily available in shops will contain other compounds that will most likely not be able to be consumed. It is safest to ingest the gel part directly from the leaf yourself. Do a little research as to how best to do this as the latex residue between the outer skin and gel can have some negative side effects.

+ Diet Supplement

With the gel being rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, you will definitely want to look at including it in your diet. It can be consumed in a number of ways, either in drinks or blended up in smoothies or included in dips or salads.

+ Skincare

So we know that it works to relieve sunburn but it can also be used in your everyday skincare routine as a moisturiser due to exceptionally hydrating properties. It can soothe the skin and can also help to stimulate skin cell regrowth, all the while protecting skin from environmental stressors because of its high amount of antioxidants.

+ Fresh Produce

Strangely enough, Aloe Vera gel could actually be used to help store your produce for longer. The gel holds a number of antimicrobial properties that could help prevent bacteria growth on the fruits surface and aloe also contains many antioxidants that can help reduce oxidation from occurring.

+ Hair

It has the potential to help to deep cleanse your scalp when used regularly by removing dead skin cells and product build up and can also help with boosting hair growth. Like it’s benefits with cooling sunburn it can also calm an itchy or irritated scalp.

+ Mouth Health

Like mentioned before Aloe has antimicrobial properties, which makes it a great alternative to chemical based mouthwashes. Or could even be a great ingredient to include in toothpaste if you make those yourself or to buy ones already including aloe.

What Makes Aloe so beneficial?

We have covered only a few of the many uses of Aloe Vera but it might be useful to cover a few more reasons as to how it can be beneficial and what it’s properties are that make Aloe Vera so good for you and your health.

+ Multipurpose

With it’s many uses it is a handy thing to keep around, able to assist you in many needs such as: burns, irritated or dry skin, cuts or even bugs bites.

+ Minerals and Vitamins

Along with it’s antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, it hosts a variety of other nutrients, which offer a host of benefits for the body. To list some of the nutrients are: vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as magnesium, zinc and selenium. Also containing anthraquinones which are what help with bug bites and a compound called aloin and hormones gibberellins and auxins which help with inflammation and are what can aid in sunburns.

+ Digestion and Health

It can help with a variety of internal and digestive issues, such as IBS and constipation and even lowering blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that aloe can help support your immune system and can in aid in fighting against viral infections.

How To grow or Keep Aloe?

Now that we are aware of just how many uses and benefits aloe vera has for us, you’re probably wondering how best to store it or even grow and take care of the whole plant so as to have the freshest aloe possible.
Luckily for us Aloe Vera is a type of succulent and is a fairly low maintenance and easy to care for plant.

It is considered an invasive species but that may be why it has been used in many different societies from Egypt and Greek cultures to all the way across Asia too. The plant can be propagated easily (allowing you to grow even more Aloe Vera plants) and can survive in a variety of different climates.

It is best to either purchase a grown plant or to propagate. Simply cut a larger leaf at an angle, closer to the base of the leaf and place the cut end in water. Make sure the leaf stays wet until a new shoot begins to form and then you can transplant to soil. They do need a good amount of sunlight and warmth and only need to be watered about once a week.

The best method to store and keep aloe at it’s freshest is in the fridge; either place cut leaves in a plastic bag or the gel in a sealed container.


There are a huge host of uses and benefits to including Aloe Vera in your life. It is widely and easily available these days and with the potential to fulfil many roles, it makes sense to look in to whether you want to include it in your life.
With it also being something that you could grow on your own for never ending use.

Due to there being the potential of negative side affects it is always recommended to do research and potentially consult with a doctor if you already have any health conditions.

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